Fri. May 7th, 2021

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MPL-PH Season 7 Week 4 Highlights

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MPL-PH Season 7 Week 4 Highlights

We saw epic sets and a flameshot lord steal in Week 4 but but you’ll definitely say OMG at the no. play of our Smart Top 5 Plays of the Week

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49 thoughts on “MPL-PH Season 7 Week 4 Highlights

  1. Mobile legends sometimes copies league of legends
    ,ml has the worst matchmaking
    ,epic players are noobs
    And epic after season is still in epic while mythic after season goes down to epic making the game harder,and they make SUPER STRONG HEROES
    Like deals great damage and soo tanky at the same time
    Im still in epic because of this im more skilled than my little brother but he achieved mythic in just a month WTF!…

  2. please moonton, fix bugs and teach lessons with bug user players. We, who don't know anything, always participate in events in what way do you feel trampled on. Please reset the event bug user again, you have topped up and others feel unnatural about all of this

  3. Tolong buat moonton, saya gak bisa loggin akun saya, kenapa harus pakai kode verifikasi moonton, sdg kan akun email saya sudah ke hapus data, tolong jgn di persulit buat loggin dong

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