Wed. Jun 16th, 2021

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#MPLMY​​​​​ S7 | Rhythm of The Soul | Hari Raya Digital Short

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#MPLMY​​​​​ S7 | Rhythm of The Soul | Hari Raya Digital Short

Family unity is the backbone of all Hari Raya tales.

Watch this heart-warming short about a father and son who finds unity through Esports and family values.

How did the HomeBois and Todak players perform? Comment down below to share your best Hari Raya wishes!

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34 thoughts on “#MPLMY​​​​​ S7 | Rhythm of The Soul | Hari Raya Digital Short

  1. Kenapa setiap menit 5 menit 10 dan seterusnya selalu ngeframe/frame drop? Saya pengguna android merasa sedih karna patch/update ini. Mohon cepat diperbaiki dan saya harap secepatnya selain itu bug pada jaringan selalu saja terjadi Wi-Fi yang saya gunakan memiliki litensi 6ms dan digameplay dari 6ms naik sampai 200ms, mohon diperbaiki🙏🏻

  2. Please implement the role selection. It has been frustrating to enter matches with two or three people in the same role and spoiling the overall experience of the game.

    Suggestion: The player makes a pre-selection of his preference (gold, exp, jungle) and then is paired.

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