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#MPLMY​​ S7 | Regular Season Awards Nominations | #MPLFANVOTE

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#MPLMY​​ S7 | Regular Season Awards Nominations | #MPLFANVOTE

Before we enter the Playoffs, it’s time to pay tribute to the greatest MPL MY people of Season 7! 👏

Fans are encouraged to vote for players and casters you think are the best in their category 🙌

Candidates and respective categories:

1. Best Talent Award
– fierafendi
– Laphel
– CortX Kaki Game
– Artha
– AdeenPlays
– Karakuri
– Adrian “Sdafhaa” Tan
– Terence “icybaby12” Yong
– GideonQ

2. Best Rookie Awards
– Lolealz
– AJ
– Box

3. League Season MVP Awards
– Moon
– Box
– Mom

Vote for your favorite players and casters via 👉

Winner for Best Rookie and League Season MVP will be announced on 28th May 2021, while winner for Best Talent will be announced on May 30, 2021.
Be sure to follow us to find out the last Winner! 👑

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