Sat. May 8th, 2021

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MSC Grand Final's fixtures have been released!

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MSC Grand Final's fixtures have been released!

MSC Grand Finals will commence tomorrow!
Fixtures have been released! Grand Finals will be held from September 1st – September 3rd. We welcome you to the live venue to experience the highest level of competition with your own eyes. Showbags have been prepared for you.Can’t make it? Then watch it on live stream from the official Mobile Legends YouTube channel, also win in-game prizes just by watching!

45 thoughts on “MSC Grand Final's fixtures have been released!

  1. ml i quit the game bc it keeps on lagging and it says please take every game seriously while it taked away my credit score its 80 im epic 1 one win left in rank im legend but it keeps lagging even my connection is strong

  2. guys devs i have some suggestions
    please buff alucard atleast add a stun on hes 1st skill or 2nd skill also give him another passive the pursuit and the + atk speed when the red bar is full just like what u guys did on argus but dont remove the pursuit passive i suggest this bcz alucard isnt that op bcz of other hero getting buffed alot

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