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National Arena Contest GAME 3: Malaysia VS Indonesia

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National Arena Contest GAME 3: Malaysia VS Indonesia

The First National Arena Contest for MLBB: Indonesia VS Malaysia
Final Score: 2:1, Indonesia won!

Third Match : ( 21 : 8 ) MVP : AbgTakPr0 (9/2/6)
Blue Team – Malaysia
Participant Player – ArticBlizzard, MasterZul, jerechan95, 低调, AbgTakPr0
Purple Team – Indonesia
Participant Player – BonoAsror, [Zapbros] Sumanai, MaryJane, TANKER, Ngiame

The anticipated National Arena Contest finally started on Asia 1 server. Thousands of players from Malaysia and Indonesia had registered to this contest. The system picked out players according to their rank division and battle PING to fight for their countries! (A rank division of Master or above and Ping lower than 60ms are required.)
There were about 30 thousand of players who watched our Livestream of the national contest and gave great Supports and Cheers to the participant countries and players! The gifts that participants received from fans during the contest were all converted into Diamonds and sent to them in the end!

Thank all player for supporting the National Arena Contest. In order to allow more players that come from different regions to be able to take part in, we will hold the National Arena Contest continuously on others servers, and broadcast the contests live for all players on different servers!
Do you want to represent your country to Fight the Battles? Do you want to Win Glory for your country? Do you want be a Super Star of MLBB in all over the world?
Your chance has come, Are You Ready for it?

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  1. this game is really gay. Its a complete league of legends rip off, and theyre just advertising it so that people will play it. They are essentially stealing league of legends players, and making them play this crappy copy of league

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