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New Hero | Phoveus Animated Trailer | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

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New Hero | Phoveus Animated Trailer | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

He thirsted for power, and the power bewitched him.

Check Phoveus animated trailer now.

20 thoughts on “New Hero | Phoveus Animated Trailer | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

  1. The 9 sealed demons
    Dont make this flop dont waste my efforts for typing

    Argus has a Sealed power If you remember on his first release he was called by a sword when rafaela is in danger but argus knows that the sword is cursed but he has no more choice to use it to save rafaela if you could hear argus in hes new voiceline he always say " Dont ever mention her name, the name rafaela" on the new patch argus and rafa became siblings but the story ramins the same because of rafaela argus sell his soul to the demon called CYD and gives him immortality to save rafaela the nine sealed powers if you could notice there was a gem in the heart of argus the green one with the diamond shape

    The other Sealed demon is on aldous aldous is not a demon but if you read his story when he protecting the minoans labyrinth thamuz and his army raid the labyrinth if you could hear this line on aldous " the labyrinth should never fall" When aldous was approached by thamuz A mysteruos mask with a gem was put on aldous that gives him unstopable power aldous gains energy so fast that time when thamuz attackaldous but he cant control himself even civvilian he killed its because the mask is controlling aldousthat time but then aldous can control his power now

    Another one is on hanzo sword the eye one on his sword if you could notice there was a seal on hanzo's back its because he has a demon in it the sword is a sealed demon sword but then hanzo is seal with it hanzo is known as the sealed blood demon AKA buff stealer hehe cringe lol and if you notice Hanzo is not on the shadow form but the demon hanzo uses his technuqe to avoid the demon getting away frome the sword Hanzo and the blood demon is different from eac other But the bond beetween them is unstoppable

    You know the story of yuzhong reverse scale

    I cnat continue more but dyrpth can be a sealed demon too he was cursed by the gem on his heart if you could remember dyroth was raised in the abyyse but its impossible for him to grow as an demon i think alice but the sealed demon in it so when dyroth grow he will not question herself why he is not like the others
    And when silvanna pulls out the gen on dyroth heart a glitch on dyroth behalf human and an orc

    Astaraos Gamanti Argus Aldous Yu zhong Hanzo dyroth Idk who are the othrrs

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