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New Hero | The Alchemist | Faramis | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!

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New Hero | The Alchemist | Faramis | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!

He is an Alchemist who possesses the game-changing ability of resurrection. Watch Hero Spotlight – Faramis to see his power. The Alchemist – Faramis is available for free only on May 18th. Don’t miss it!
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42 thoughts on “New Hero | The Alchemist | Faramis | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!

  1. New zodiac skin Cash Cash Cash!! Lots of diamonds spending in my favorite Ruby..i wish it may buy😢 after all i didint get it, i just can only take 5spins😢 but new heroes had an epic skin cash 2weeks maybe after realeasing! Hate you guys! Ruby is an old hero!!! So Unfair!!

  2. Hero Idea:

    New hero: Clonita
    The clone magician

    Reap/Crowd Control

    Skill 1: Clone Tenchnique – Clonita clones herself with a fighter hero. Deals 180 (+60 magic power) to the surrounding enemies who attack her.

    Skill 2: Clone of all Clones: when Clonita's passive is on, he emerges from the state of copying a hero from the enemy. Anyone who made contact with her can copy itself one by one 'til time. Deals 500 physical attack (+300 magic power). Basic attack will be faster with 2.0 seconds for the enemy hit.

    3rd Skill: Ultimate Clones of Energy: together with 2nd skill, she can cast the ultimate skill that deals more than 700 physical attack and increased movement by 4.0. each basic attack together with this skill deals more than 400 basic damage.

    Passive: The Clone Force

    When her passive is on, he can immobilize now with her all skills. Which is also immune to all damaging effects from enemies.

    1st skill: CD: 5 seconds, 40 mana
    2nd skill: CD: 8 seconds, 60 mana
    3rd skill: CD: 27 seconds, 120 mana

  3. Coming back after a few months. I didn't hear about this event. I follow their Facebook page too but somehow I didn't hear a word about this event. No notification or anyting. I'm cool with people getting a free hero before me, but I would like to have access to said hero. SOMEHOW. And this hero is clearly powerful, so if I do not have access to the hero, how am I going to enjoy him?🤔 Can't say I agree with how you're selling this hero, because it's all out wrong. Sure it gets people to download the game, but what if people didn't make it to the 18th or didn't hear about this event? They're just screwed I guess.🤷‍♀️ I'm pretty sure you know this isn't how Heroes work in a MOBA game right? you can make skins limited, but when you make heroes limited it kind of breaks the game. Don't make a hero like this again devs.. unless you plan to make him purchasable after the event ends.

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