Sat. May 8th, 2021

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New Hero | Wild-oats Fist | Masha | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!

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New Hero | Wild-oats Fist | Masha | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!

A powerful female berserker with 3 HP Bars! Fortitude and Unyielding are the best descriptions of her. Defeat can only make her stronger! Do you want to test the power of her fists? Come and watch the new episode of Hero Spotlight!
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38 thoughts on “New Hero | Wild-oats Fist | Masha | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!

  1. Lol I was so happy happy with her all most everything when I look at her model. In the game she is actually strong and her movement speed is even higher than zillong.
    *However when I played her, I found that she is can’t just chase everyone. What I mean is that Other heroes are almost as fast as her . That is so stupid.

  2. I wanted to say about what i have been thinking….can you guyzadd this hero on MLBB?! i just think about it along time ago and i think this hero will be OP just my thought ok!

    Kazu-The Aqua Kunochi

    Passive-Aquatic Poison

    Each attack will leave a mark after 3 hits the enemy will be poisoned (80 magical damage)

    1st Skill-Aquatic Clone

    Kazu summons a Clone anywhere on the map
    If you use this skill again
    Kazu beacomes a water spirit to teleport on the location while he teleports he can pull any enemy toward him dealing(500 magical damage).

    2nd Skill-Aqua Dash

    Kazu Dashes to a designated location
    Leaving a puddle of water that pulls any enemy 5seconds dealing (600 magical damage).you can use this skill 3 times.

    3rd skill-Vortex

    Kazu dashes to the designated location
    and spins creating a
    vortex that pulls any enemy close dealing (700 magical damage).

    Ultimate-Ocean Spirit

    Kazu Summons a Water dragon on the designated location spining in a circle
    Pulling all nearby enemies
    Dealing(800 magical damage).the water dragon will explode stunning the enemies and gives additional(900 magical damage).

    Thats mah hero i hope MLBB sees this Message and agrees with it!😘😘😘 Love ya MLBB! I know all skills pull any enemy bu t can be OP!just made it myself!

  3. Her skill is just too stupidly strong, for fuck sake just diving into tower while keep lifestealing and still get few kills and still survive????? What kind of bullshit is this champ's skill. If she can be so broken, why don't argus and many fighter have better skill kits. Moonton balancing team is a complete fucktard

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