Mon. May 17th, 2021

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New Skins | Divine Owl & Midnight Raven | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!

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New Skins | Divine Owl & Midnight Raven | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!

Darkness can breed out light, justice can also turn into evil, all the changes takes only one whim.
New skins: Divine Owl & Midnight Raven will be available soon, please stay tuned!
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42 thoughts on “New Skins | Divine Owl & Midnight Raven | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!

  1. Dear Moonton! Saya kecewa dengan pelayanan anda! Kurang tegas dalam memberi sanksi hukuman bagi player AFK!! Kenapa saya selalu dapat player tim yg SENGAJA AFK di mode Ranked! Tolong di mudahkan dalam mode Ranked untuk tim² player yg terbaik! Sangat disayangkan pelayanan nya sangat BURUK !

  2. dear Mobile Legend Bang Bang. I have a few suggestions and surveys for Natalia's Skill 2. what if the color of the Natalia Bomb Smoke adjusts to each skin. So for the first one was the White Natalia Bomb Smoke. and the second one is purple. for the starlight is yellow, for deadly mamba is green, and for the midnight raven we make it dark blue. And maybe somedays for epic skin we can make color that can change from color to other colors. I think that's good enough. do you think that smoke bomb has a variety of colors? because the effect seen in Natalia was in the smoke bomb. Thank you very much. I hope you hear your fans. 1 more. Your video , her ultimate effect is not same as in original server when we bought it. I think you fix it soon as possible.

  3. I want a new skin for Alice, I recently bought that skin and it's boring I need the other skin survey Alice before the skin survey of Alice and natalia. The Purple wings one, the green and white, and the Steampunk, I want the green and white one to be released

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