Mon. Jan 18th, 2021

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Project NEXT Launch Trailer | Project NEXT | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

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Project NEXT Launch Trailer | Project NEXT | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

It’s been over two months since the first episode of Project NEXT Express. Finally, it’s available today!
Log in now to check the new battlefield, heroes, skins, special effects, UI, and MORE!
Which adjustment do you like most? Share with us below!

37 thoughts on “Project NEXT Launch Trailer | Project NEXT | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

  1. Una mierda la actualización ojala se mueran todos cuando salga el wild rift me hicieron perder mi preciado tiempo en este juego de mierda. Que salga mi querido LOL y que ustedes se mueran y quedan en el olvido. Me voy al champion legend hasta que salga mi querido wild rift .
    Pd ojala se funda la concha de sus madres

  2. Wait!? You guys disappointed with the laning system and said it very hard. Then wanna quit ML, move to Wild Rift

    I can't process this, how can you wanna move to Wild Rift but cant even adapt to the easiest laning system in ML.
    I think u guys just wanna make Wild Rift like ML where everyone can play whatever champ you want
    Hmmm I is curious….

  3. Bye bye MLBB. After update i have try to play But.. this is not MLBB anymore. This Project NEXT make mlbb to be LoL+Aov and this is so suck. Please man MLBB have their own way, MLBB is the best moba. Dont do these thing. I decided to quit and remove the game untill this youtube channel mlbb announching that their are already fix a lot of stuff and be a Truly Mobile Legends Bang Bang, and i can tell you one thing Moonton. You dont have to update like this because you guys afraid of LOL wild rift. MLBB is the best But if you dont turning back, Than Bye bye … From me who play MLBB since Seasons 3, This is the first update can make me remove the game and quit.

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