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Road to Mythic | Astrowarden | Yve | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

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Road to Mythic | Astrowarden | Yve | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Yve is a powerful mage in teamfights. With right equipment and skill combos, Yve is able to deal extremely high damage and win teamfights with ease.


41 thoughts on “Road to Mythic | Astrowarden | Yve | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

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  2. Chou passive is ridiculous .,Is so dope and Every 8yards and got firing on both hands and next punch will dead 180 dmg and slow enemy for 80% .Please add and ajust some like after 8yards and firing on only his right hand instead of firing on both hands .After passive active .just move forward and push .or .dash and puch .the point is when chou passive (firing on his only right hand )active ,he is able to dash to his target and punch .(make it crit chance dmg.cuse chou is a character inspired by brucelee)just adjust this please ..like brucelee one inch punch or dragon fang .and .finally chou first skill jeet kune do -there're three punch ..and adjust the first two ..make it like .first attack-when u attack enemy push alittle forward (example .tigeral second skill .1st round)and second attack(this is really looks like shoryuken from street fighter and it is .so)when chou use it to enemy ,he will knock up like tigeral second skill -second round.
    Because it is shoryuken from street fighter . .please adjust those .nowdays playing chou is something missing and after the nerf on his ultimate .atleast u guys should do this adjustment.and thankyou.

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