Thu. Oct 22nd, 2020

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Road to Mythic | Dino Rider | Barats | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

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Road to Mythic | Dino Rider | Barats | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

In today’s episode of Road to Mythic, let’s welcome Dino Rider – Barats!
How to expertly play this Tank hero, who can get enhanced basic attack by stacking Passive.
Which equipment set is the best and what is his skill combo?
Watch the video to learn more.


22 thoughts on “Road to Mythic | Dino Rider | Barats | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

  1. Really wish the music and background sound effects were lower volume, often in these videos I struggle to hear something because the theme music is loud, or the speaking is happening during a team fight and I just guess what he said.

  2. Moonton please replace the 1st skill of Revamp Lapu Lapu like the 1st skill of the dual bladed form but a single big blade (like the old one but it returns) because
    there is no reason to put a stun in heavy sword form if the new 3rd skill have a stun because the 1st skill is under powered and its Short to even stun an enemy
    (i try it on advance server and its hard to hit an enemy even with flicker and the stun cd 5is too short to even cast the 2nd skill) so please make the 1st skill a blink skill or
    the old one but it comes back to you ( just like i said like the 1st skill on dual bladed form but it is a one big package and comes back to you ) so his passive can be filled without
    getting closed from your enemy (exp: if u are low you wil cast the 1st skill to send the one big throwable blade and it slows enemies so you can escape with ease ) because if its a stun well
    (Karrie will just have a ease to caught to you with the slow effect in 1st skill of her then you will have a bad time with uranus because the ulti of uranus have a buff that makes him run faster like
    using a sprint spell and if you cast the 1st skill of him it is not to hard because of the short range and slow animation it can be easly doged like chou's skill set and ect.)
    i mean if you will revamped lapu lapu you will just give us a much weaker Lapu Lapu , Lapu Lapu can be countered by a lot of heroes and it will give us a hard time to
    use the revamp lapu lapu i mean the only way to escape with ease was the 2nd skill in dual bladed form but the rest it is just damage and please just make his 1st or 2nd skill like a dash or a slow effect if you
    dont change the 1st skill just make the stun much longer (like eudora's stun make it like 3s or 4s if the stun was finished please add a slow movement speed like 5s or 3s too) i hope you read this .
    (btw please return the damage and the side buff which is the slight movement speed when run into a hero)

    if your'e reading this im not good at english and my spelling is pretty bad so sorry . and i hope my plan works ( if not i hope some of it work?) ^_^

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