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Road to Mythic | Mystic Tortoise | Baxia | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!ytbEN

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Road to Mythic | Mystic Tortoise | Baxia | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!ytbEN

The solidest backing in the Oriental Fighters! Possessing a unique accelerating skill and an excellent ganking ability, this New Hero has already charmed many players. As Baxia has been available for a while, have you gained any experience or developed your own techniques when going as him? Watch Baxia’s In-depth Guide in the latest Road to Mythic to discover more about his skins, combo skills, combat strategies and other tips. Become the most trustworthy teammate with Baxia!

48 thoughts on “Road to Mythic | Mystic Tortoise | Baxia | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!ytbEN

  1. A tank win a 1vs4 use more magic item than deff item but can still take a lot of dmg and survive deal dmg like an assasin use control skill and mobility to kill every enemy in team fight insead of protecting team mate and when I there is a baxia in enemy team I don't have a realy hard time to win again him…..
    I don't know any thing to this game

  2. Peraturan rank mythic macam apa,,! Ngikutin dota 2,,!
    Tapi ini Parah banget 1 : 2 menang dapat 5 or 7 point sedangkan kalah dikurangi belasan point,,
    Saran :
    Enak pakai bintang seperti biasanya jangan pakai mmr di rank,
    Mmr hanya untuk hero saja.

    Yang setuju like

  3. Fuck this game. Dropped literally 30 points in credit score for nothing. Just played two games I'm classic and got reported for AFK when I wasn't even AFK at all I played the entire game yet I drop 30 points.. Spent probably over $200 on this pos smfh.. I'm salty as fuck rn.. Then they keep adding dumb ass heroes that can Fucking roll bounce and all type of bullshit.. Thank god they haven't added ling yet. Moonton you guys need to fix the credit score system because it straight bullshit. Im regretting spending a dollar on this game.

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