Mon. May 17th, 2021

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Selena New Skin | Double Identity | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

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Selena New Skin | Double Identity | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

“Take me home, Master!”
The ice-cold yet flaming hot girl, Selena is coming back with her new Skin! Selena—Double Identity is coming soon!
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46 thoughts on “Selena New Skin | Double Identity | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

  1. Kenapa mpl mobile legend gk live…? Kenapa gak boleh live..kami yg tidak bisa hadir ke turnament dan ingin menyaksikan secara langsung….bagai mana…? Mpl yg lain aja live..masa monton gk live…jika lau pun tidak boleh knpa tidak boleh…sedangkan yh lain boleh..cari kan solusi untuk kami..

  2. Hey mobile legends, instead of a demon, cant it be like a fruit or a plate of food that comes out of her abyssal arrow? could have at least made it look like she's throwing food at them or maybe a bottle of wine or even a black and white feather duster. But Nah, let a maid throw shit. Pls moonton, dont run out of creativity! Its pretty bad when ur fans are doing the brainstorming for you. First is you change Kadita's skills cos it reminded u of pee and but now you make Selena's shit arrow. When will the injustice ever end?

  3. Wow a new skin coming!!!
    But would you mind adding a female hero with these stats
    Type: Mage
    Skill 1 : Fires three "Old chang'e first skill" but target locked
    Skill 2 : Becomes untargetable and splits into three illusions
    Ult : Fires a taget locked barrage of insects
    Skill3: Killing creeps or Enemy heroes will allow you to camouflage looking like them Passive : Every 10 seconds the next basic attack will be enhanced firing an insect projectile forward which will stun the enemy
    Type: Mage
    Look: She looks like a jungle dweller with a pet insect. I do suggest her having a long pink braided hair, some kind of leafy dress and she walks much like helcurt ingame….

    By: Dark-Atlantis 230625256 (3517)

  4. The community of ml have grown cancerous this month too many uses layla for trolling,but the match result of all my experience of players using layla is 2/16/7 ,0/9/3 ,1/13/4. From mythic to epic ;( ml feedback never response to anything they won't even try to add a penalty,but pls atleast -35 credit for all feeders we're wasting our time playing then the result will be defeat. ;(

  5. Tolong untuk Hero sun di up lagi , kenapa Hero sun sekarang jadi lembek banget , Hero sun jadi lebih lambat dalam berjalan , double genger skil 1 cepat sekali hilang , saya dulu pecinta Hero sun tapi setelah di up saya jadi ga suka

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