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Special Guest for WEEK 1 Live Stream: iFlekzz #MLBBLiveStream

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Special Guest for WEEK 1 Live Stream: iFlekzz  #MLBBLiveStream

Special Guest: iFlekzz
Country: Dutch
Server: 4001
IGN: uL iFlekzz
Ranked Match Division: Glorious Legend
YouTube Channel:(Subscribe it if you love him!)

Live Stream Time: 21:00-23:00 (GMT+8)

We’re very honored to have iFlekzz and his friends to join jus for this week’s broadcast. The session will last around 2 hours, and the broadcast content will be completely decided by our special guests.
Our MLBB official team will also continue to invite players from all over the world to participate in our broadcasts, we will also provide a lot of support to make it happen! So if you are interested, please get in touch with us at our email at:

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