Tue. Apr 20th, 2021

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Summer Cooling Battle | Interactive Video #1 | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

1 min read
Summer Cooling Battle | Interactive Video #1 | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

As the summer heatwave looming, which sweetheart do you choose to be your companion, Nana or Angela?
Join the interactive game to earn surprising gifts!

The stories in the video are fictitious and not related to MLBB worldview.

29 thoughts on “Summer Cooling Battle | Interactive Video #1 | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

  1. Can you guys add a summer skin for kagura too
    Becuz she has an umbrella so i think we want u guys to make it like a beach umbrella or something
    And change her look too into a very summer vibe thing (not talking about angela's) and thats it :3

  2. Can you guys buffed Minsitthar, his damage is to weak, from his skills to basic attack. Please increase his damage, compare to other hero they have massive damage even in the early game. Lastly Minsitthar don't have any epic skin, legend or special its totally unfair He is my main hero but when it comes to damage output its too weak

  3. Omg!!!! Again nerf for my helcurt? Fck moonton!!! with this MLBB is trash. 4 nerf for helcurt, always nerf for helcurt always… but never a new skin for helcurt. Fck moonton for me this game is over, I'm going to delete it. Helcurt has always been good, in fact, before 4 nerf no one complained about Helcurt and they didn't ban him either. There were even few who used it because they preferred to play with shooters, magicians or fighters because helcurt is not easy to use. Moonton open your eyes, stop fooling around, if you keep up like this you're going to send this game to hell

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