Thu. Oct 29th, 2020

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WTF Mobile Legends Funny Moments | #welcomebackFRANCO! 300IQ Gameplay

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WTF Mobile Legends Funny Moments | #welcomebackFRANCO! 300IQ Gameplay

AYO guys bantu SUB ke CHANNEL INDO : Will EXE

submit yourr vid :

Just for fun guys 😀



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selamat menonton combo wombo terbaik di mobile legends dengan player yang memiliki iq tinggi wkwkw

happy watching this 300 IQ Genius Plays and wtf moments in mobile legends

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Credits :
[Electronic] – Pegboard Nerds – Swamp Thing [Monstercat Release] pumpitup
Dreamland from Super Smash Bros.Gourmet Race from Kirby
boom headshot music
NIVIRO – Memes [NCS Release]
Mistakes The Get Away
Move Out – MK2 [Free Download No Copyright]
pull ya gun finger trigger epic music pegboard gunslinga
[Glitch Hop – 110BPM] – DotEXE – Hipster Cutthroat [Monstercat EP Release]

just ask me lol

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