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“You are the world to me” | New Hero | Carmilla Trailer | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!

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“You are the world to me” | New Hero | Carmilla Trailer | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!

“When I open my eyes, you are the world to me.”
Just with one sight, Carmilla, found out the one she would love and be with forever. However, Carmilla is destined to marry someone else to form a political marriage alliance.
What would Carmilla do? To fight against her fate or accept it?
Tap to view Carmilla’s Trailer to find out what she would choose. Carmilla’s lover will come to the Land of Dawn, too. Let’s stay tuned for more!
What would you choose if you were Carmilla? Tell us about it in the Comment Area.
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49 thoughts on ““You are the world to me” | New Hero | Carmilla Trailer | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!

  1. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 2.0!因为那个游戏玩臭很够力加上那个游戏有时会卡住不可以玩从不听我命令跟我马上举报这个公司马上去如果有什么事情我一个人来承担跟我马上去 😡😠😡😠👎👎👎👎

  2. Im a dota 2 and lol player so i give this game a shot and tried playing it because my friends said that this was a rip off of league of legends, so i searched on youtube for the hardest heroes to master on this basic game and it turned out to be fanny and gusion after using the practice tool for 10minutes to know what makes this heroes hard to play, i've been playing this game for 4 days and i just easily climbed up my friend's account from elite 2 to legend 1, this game is just for kids because it's too basic to play no wondering there are still noobs and boosted at this game even on higher ranks, well league of legends wild rift will be released soon if you kids tried to play it you'll be stucked on bronze(lowest rank) forever

  3. Meanwhile in ML

    Moonton dev 1: Let's put a fake nerf but actually a buff on Granger I love Granger so much we need to protect him from his haters by giving him fake nerfs

    Moonton dev 2: Yeah and don't remove Wanwan's immune from ult and next we buff raptor machete to make kimmy sustained the nerfs we gave and make the red buff only usable for marksmen

    Moonton dev 3: And we nerf all tanks and make all mages useless by not nerfing Gusion to ban him and nerf Glowing wand passive damage and let MMs rule let's rename the game MARKSMAN LEGENDS and make Granger the app icon logo

  4. Moonton sucks every day man, a lot of toxic players dont get banned or reviewed, just brushed off, and that sucks dude, tere are those who are in legend who plays like grandmaster and the other way around, the gane is good but the people behind it sucks

  5. Вы русский знаете? Можно вопрос спросить? Что если способности персонажа не понравились и хочешь сдать его обратно то это возможно??

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